The Fallacy of Generalizations: “The American People” "All generalizations are false. Except that one. That one's true." --Unknown I once received a paper that began, "People have been listening to music since the beginning of time." I guess such an argument could be made, if we define "time" as a human concept, e.g. this exchange from Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed: … Continue reading The Fallacy of Generalizations: “The American People”

Garbage Out, Garbage In

The syllabus for ENG101 "[r]equires students to produce a minimum of 20 pages of writing." With six sections, and a rough average of 20 students per section, that amounts to a minimum of 2400 pages per semester. My Penguin Classics edition of Moby Dick is only 625, not including the "Explanatory Notes." Now I'm getting … Continue reading Garbage Out, Garbage In