Some Thoughts on Group Conferences

So anyway, I decided to try something new this semester: small group conferences. Why? Well, with over a hundred students, single meetings are unworkable, even if I were detail-oriented, which I’m not. Also, I’m learning that conferences can be stressful for students, especially those with social anxiety, and asking them to come to my office … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Group Conferences

My Adventure with “The New Jim Crow”

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander's 2010 racial critique of mass incarceration, is back in the news, thanks to a New York Times article on the surprising decision by North Carolina prisons to remove it from a banned books list. I had an adventure with that book, myself. A few years ago, I offered to … Continue reading My Adventure with “The New Jim Crow”

Garbage Out, Garbage In

The syllabus for ENG101 "[r]equires students to produce a minimum of 20 pages of writing." With six sections, and a rough average of 20 students per section, that amounts to a minimum of 2400 pages per semester. My Penguin Classics edition of Moby Dick is only 625, not including the "Explanatory Notes." Now I'm getting … Continue reading Garbage Out, Garbage In