On Star Wars and “Common Knowledge”

I recently submitted a manuscript for a chapter to be published in an upcoming MLA anthology to be titled, Approaches to Teaching Writing in Prison. My article includes this description of what I call "the Great White Wall" surrounding Attica CF: Those who come into contact with it cast their own emotional, moral, and political … Continue reading On Star Wars and “Common Knowledge”

“Watch For Deer”: A Conclusion, Of Sorts

Frank J. Oliver One of my classroom aphorisms is, "The Introduction is for the reader; the Body is for the evidence; the Conclusion is for you." If you care at all about your subject, I urge the students, the Conclusion should be your favorite part. Once, in my desperation, I even got a bit melodramatic: … Continue reading “Watch For Deer”: A Conclusion, Of Sorts


Subject (n). Subject (v). Object (n). Object (v). Eject. Inject. Interject. Reject. Project. Abject. Conjecture. Dejected. Trajectory. Adjective. iacere "to throw" (from PIE root *ye- "to throw, impel") "Subject" (v) would be to "throw under," while as a noun it would be one who is "under" someone or something, or a topic under discussion. On the other hand, … Continue reading Ject

Peak Musical Moments: Frank Ocean Edition

We have songs, movies, and books that we love. But what about the peak moments in those experiences--those moments that stop the breath, chill the skin, and clutch the heart? cnn.com Why do certain musical passages give us chills? In an article at Inverse, titled "Ariana Grande Gives You Goosebumps Because Pop Songs are a … Continue reading Peak Musical Moments: Frank Ocean Edition