“And I’m like, ‘Well, here’s the thing…'”

I have long suspected--without a shred of evidence, mind you--that language is primarily expressive and emotive, and only later becomes semantic and descriptive. In other words, it's more music than dictionary. For instance, check out this fun interactive map, "The Emotions Recognized in Vocal Bursts," based on a study from American Psychologist. (Stay away from … Continue reading “And I’m like, ‘Well, here’s the thing…'”

Confronting AI, Part the Third

"Good-Bye to All That" --Robert Graves "TL/DR" -- Anonymous One of the persuasive articles I use in class is, “It’s Time to Allow Doping in Sport,” by English sociologist Ellis Cashmore. Here’s the Introduction: The Lance Armstrong case forces us to consider a philosophical problem that has tormented sport since 1988 when Ben Johnson was disqualified from the … Continue reading Confronting AI, Part the Third

Confronting AI, Part the First

In comes this email on my Higher-Ed.-In-Prison Google Groups listerv: "Wondering about the ways HEP can be both empowering and oppressive? Here's an AI-generated essay on the topic." "What Was I Scared Of?," Dr. Seuss Now, I've been laboring over an article on this same topic since January of 2020. Currently titled, "Liberators in Theory, Collaborators in … Continue reading Confronting AI, Part the First